We would like to inform you that “THE COMPETITION RULES OF AIKIDO TOSHU-RANDORI” was established on 22nd July 2019.
International competitions at Malaga will be conducted based on these rules in October.
The main changes fromTHE COMPETITION RULES OF AIKIDO TOSHU-RANDORI (Essential Points)” established on August 28, 2018 are as followings.


  1.  We added competition area, etc. to Article 1, Article 2, Article 4, Article 8 and from Article 11 to Article16. 
  2. We deleted the regulation that Defeat by Foul judged when Shidoh is given four times, but then added one that if the competitor repeats actions equivalent to Shidoh and is not seen to improve attitude towards the referee’s guidance, “Chyui” may be given based on the judgment of the referee in Article 7.
  3. 3The footnote 1 of Article 5 was added.


Chief of Toshu-randori Research Committee, Educational Division, JAA
Tadayuki Satoh